August 26, 2021

XERO, QUICKBOOKS AND APPS – New Services to support our clients to more effectively use Quickbooks and Xero accountancy software – while delivering solutions for streamlining or ‘automating’ admin in the business!

Automation is NOT the goal. Systemisation is the goal. Automation is the bonus.

– (Thanks to James Ashford for this simple summary.)

To this end, we want to ensure that for the ‘core’ Quickbooks and Xero software:

  • It is successfully introduced – at the right time and in the right way
  • that the key features of the software are being used to simply and effectively for ‘day to day’ bookkeeping
  • Ongoing support is available to the business, whether training staff or providing a ‘troubleshooting’ service
  • That new apps or ‘Add on’ software that integrate with the software, can be introduced to solve a current issue or problem, or to ‘automate’ an existing manual business process