As an SME grows and expands in terms of size, staff numbers and complexity of business activities, there will increasingly become a requirement to ‘professionalise’ the business more generally.

Alternatively it may be appropriate to add a senior and experienced finance professional to the management team to take responsibility for issues involving finance, IT human resources issues, or to drive some longer term strategic commercial targets.

For a business that is in a growth phase, the key issues driving these potential decisions will include the requirement for building a more effective internal finance team, improving the availability of financial information and detailed analysis, embedding best practice processes and identifying or managing any risks likely to impact the business etc.

Our services and solutions can include from the provision of a simple weekly or monthly bookkeeping service for the business, through to a fully outsourced finance team managing all day to day sales, purchase and bank bookkeeping, customer credit control, supplier payment runs etc. For other businesses that require a senior professional within the business, then our Virtual Finance director service may be the solution, as it may take the form of a part time role at a senior or board level, where the business only requires this at present, or on a short term consultancy basis prior to recruiting a full time role.